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“machi no okuyuki” (Yamagata Biennale 2022 project)


2022   curation

program curation / direction: Kenji AIHARA (tohoku university of art & design)
co-direction: Kazue TAKEDA (yamagata art support center la-la-la)
client: Yamagata Biennale 2022 (tohoku university of art & design)

[dance performance program]
direction: Osamu JAREO
coordination: Kazue TAKEDA (yamagata art support center la-la-la), Kanako IWANAKA & Kosuke TAKAHASHI
artist: Yumi KATO, Kyoko KANEKO, Masaaki KIKUCHI, Sae (OriHime pilot) & dance workshop participants

[talk session program]
speaker: Osamu JAREO, Asa ITO, Sae (OriHime pilot) & Natsumi SEO
moderator: Kazue TAKEDA (yamagata art support center la-la-la)

[discussion session program]
facilitator: Natsumi SEO, Eri ISHIZAWA (tohoku university of art & design)

[interactive viewing workshop program]
direction / facilitation: art appreciation workshop with visually impaired participants

[philosophy cafe program]
facilitator: Katsunori TAKIGUCHI, Eri ISHIZAWA (tohoku university of art & design)

A project that embraces and integrates diversity, focusing on themes of acceptance and harmony. As part of one of the projects for the Yamagata Biennale 2022 (hosted by Tohoku University of Art and Design). It includes people with disabilities and those facing challenges in life for various reasons, engaging all citizens in collaborative efforts, starting with dance performances. The initiative aims to connect the field of welfare—which addresses individual “richness” and “happiness” while accepting diversity—with the arts. It fosters interactions among people with different physical abilities and sensory experiences, encouraging them to imagine and understand one another. By valuing the diverse ways of being and the relationships among varied individuals, the project explores the nature of human connections while focusing on each other’s presence. It also embraces and overcomes the challenges that arise, practicing a co-creative process that impacts participants mutually. During the festival period, this approach transcends the traditional bounds of art experiences and appreciation, creating a space where artists and audiences blend and co-create together.

photo: Haruko MIURA (halken LLP)


[ダンスパフォーマンス プログラム]

[トークセッション プログラム]

[討論会 プログラム]

[対話型美術鑑賞ワークショップ プログラム]

[てつがくカフェ プログラム]
ファシリテーター: 滝口克典、イシザワエリ(東北芸術工科大学)


写真:三浦晴子(halken LLP)

“machi no okuyuki” (Yamagata Biennale 2022 project)